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Marek Dano

Software developer


Carosabikes is a fully functional online shop. It has been created as a main project during my learning of Ruby and Rails framework on CareerFoundry.

It has functions that the modern e-commercial website should have. The functions include the authentication and authorization which means that customers can sign up to buy items or comment on any items. Other function is that only administrator can edit items, customers’ orders or customers profiles.

The application use the latest technologies:


Railsblog is a blogging application written in Ruby on Rails where an article can be created, edited or deleted. All articles are dynamically displayed for reading.

I wanted to learn about the role based authorization so three roles were created: admin (can create, delete articles, users, comments), moderator (can create and delete comments only) and user (can create comment and edit own profile).

The latest technologies were used for writing the application:

Full basket

Full basket is a application for adding / removing any item to / from a virtual basket. The application can be used as a core implementation for any complex applications (e.g. online cart, shopping list...).

I was curious about Rest API and ReactJS so I created this application. I structured the application for the backend using Rails API and the frontend is written in ReactJS.

Cicero Innovate

CiceroInnovate is a website for a consulting company to showcase their company profile.

The website is a basic static web page written in:

Tic Tac Toe

Tictactoe is a browser game which can be played between a computer and a player or between two players.

The game was created as motivation for applying to Recurse Center using just pure javascript, html and css.